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Walk & Talk Therapy

Does the traditional

"sitting-across-from-your-therapist-surrounded-by-four-walls" not fit your style of therapy?

Not to worry!

SPT offers a new service called, Walk and Talk Therapy, for those who might not feel comfortable in a traditional therapeutic setting, prefer to feel connected with nature, and those who enjoy adding physical activity to their routines.

Benefits to W&T Therapy

Reduces Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, & Intrusive Thoughts

Increased Mindfulness

Mood & Energy


Improved Emotion Regulation, Coping, & Feeling Unstuck

  • Which psychotherapist currently offers W&T Therapy?
    Registered Psychotherapist (Q), Emma Murison, currently offers this service at Safe Place Therapy! Feel free to book a FREE 20-minute consultation call with her to see how W&T Therapy would be a great fit for you!
  • Where will these sessions take place?
    At the moment, we can only offer W&T Therapy in the Barrie, Ontario area. We aim to expand this service across various locations within Ontario the more Safe Place Therapy grows its team! Stay Tuned!
  • What locations in Barrie would sessions take place?
    W&T Therapy sessions will take place in the following locations: Barrie Lakeshore and Sunnidale Arboretum. Clients are also welcome to have their sessions at a local coffee shop should physical activity not be ideal. Should you wish to have this option, your therapist will go over the risks of confidentiality and will receive your consent to continue.
  • What will be the fee for sessions?
    W&T therapy session fees will be $150 + HST, which will be the same cost as an in-person session with your therapist. Client's will be required to add a credit card on their file in which they will receive an e-mailed receipt following their session to submit for reimbursement.
  • I'm a new client - can I start with W&T Therapy sessions?
    All new clients will be required to start with at least one virtual session (via video or phone) prior to beginning W&T Therapy. This is so we have an appropriate setting to complete any Consent Forms, intake paperwork, and to get to know each other more. From there, you and your therapist will discuss when/where your W&T Therapy sessions for your therapeutic journey!
  • What should I wear or bring during our sessions?
    Comfort is key! Feel free to wear your favourite runners, exercise clothes, the coolest shades, a fashionable hat, and anything else that will help add more comfort during your session.
  • What if the weather isn't cooperating on the day of our session?
    Talk about something out of control, am I right?! Should this happen, you and your therapist will discuss other options such as rescheduling the session, switching to a virtual or phone appointment, or finding another location that is indoors such as a coffee shop or mall.
  • This all sounds great! But, what about confidentiality?
    We understand that confidentiality might be a concern where it might run the risk of others overhearing conversations or you might run into someone you know during your session. We will take time to review a consent form specially tailored to these confidentiality issues and discuss your comfort level with various options. We may agree to limit our conversation when in earshot of another person, and we will make an agreement as to how we will handle the potential situation of running into someone you may know. We may also discuss whether there are certain issues you prefer not to discuss at Walk and Talk therapy, instead opting to discuss those in in-office sessions. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable so that you may get the most out of your therapy session, whether in-office, virtually, on a trail, or at a coffee shop!

Want more information to start W&T Therapy?

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