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Areas of Support

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Trauma & PTSD

Our team will walk with you through your traumatic experiences that you've endured and survived over the years. We focus on various types of trauma either from your past, present, big, small, sudden, or prolonged. Exploring these experiences is your pathway where there is an end in sight to a world of realizations, connections, and self-compassion, and understanding. 

Supportive psychotherapy

Anxiety & Depression

These two go hand-in-hand, some might say they act like they "can't live without the other". We will work together to understand the root cause of your depression/anxiety, identify your triggers, establish healthy coping strategies, and come up with a game plan to better manage living with depression and anxiety.  

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School Issues or Concerns

We know that school can be a scary place for many, we've been us! SPT will help support your youth and/or teen when it comes to the various concerns that they may be struggling with such as transitioning to different grades/schools, bullying, school refusal or anxiety, and many other relatable issues. Exploring fears and implementing coping strategies will be an important process in this journey to build their confidence and resiliency.

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Self-Esteem & Self-Worth

Sometimes our self-esteem and self-worth tend to get impacted whenever we are around certain individuals or specific environments. School settings, workplaces, home-life all play a big role within ourselves. Have you ever heard of "Imposter Syndrome"? Us, too. Together, we will explore how your strengths, talents, and characteristics make you unique and guide you to lead a life full of improved confidence and self-compassion. 



We get it, life can be difficult at times! Trying to balance it all between your loved ones, work, and personal care can lead to higher levels of stress...including depression and anxiety! SPT will guide you to learn ways when it comes to coping with stress in a healthy manner, incorporating self-care, and introducing balance into your life. Or, if you simply need a safe place to "let it all out", we are here for that too!

supportive psychotherapy

Grief, Loss, & Life Transitions

Our team at SPT is extremely compassionate and understanding when it comes to grief, loss, and life transitions. It is important to us that we take your time and go at your pace when processing these big life changes. When we establish a safe enough place for you, we will explore the impact of your emotions and thoughts to life events and how to pave the path forward full of hope and security.  

Phone/Virtual Consultation

15-20 minutes


Psychotherapy Intake Session

50-minutes $160 + HST

90-minutes $200 +HST

Individual Psychotherapy Session

50-minutes at $160 + HST

30-minutes at $80 + HST


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Safe Place Therapy Bowmanville
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