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Ever felt that feeling of dread? Constant worry? Uneasiness? Fear of the worst possible thing to happen? Do you sweat? Feel restless? Shakiness? Heart is about to beat out of your chest?

Anxiety can make us think that danger is near and these feelings and body sensations will last forever! But, we are here to tell you that you're literally in a Safe Place! 

We will guide you through your patterns, understand your current cycle, and learn to reframe and better manage in situations that might heighten your Fright-Flight-Freeze responses. 

How We Can Support You

Explore the Root

Exploring where your symptoms are coming from can be helpful in understanding our past and making connections to our presenting concerns

Identify the Triggers

We will work together in identifying your triggers that might alleviate your symptoms of depression and anxiety that might occur on a daily basis

Learn to Cope

Once we identify the triggers, we can then identify some healthy coping strategies to better manage any triggers that might arise

Ready to break your Anxiety Cycle?

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