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Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first time attending therapy.
What would I expect for my therapeutic process?

We understand that starting this journey of yours can be very difficult. But we acknowledge your bravery on wanting to take this courageous step! What you'll first expect is a warm welcome from the office staff. Then, once situated, we will start the process with obtaining verbal/written consent with necessary electronic documents along with beginning the intake which is where we will gather as much information about yourself. 

The therapeutic process will be guided at your pace since you are the expert of your own life. This hour (or hour and a half) is dedicated to you and for you; meaning you'll be able to discuss anything and everything you feel comfortable bringing into the room. There will never be pressure to discuss topics in which you may not feel comfortable yet. Once rapport is built, then we can work on a building a treatment plan tailored to your needs, wants, and goals to achieve and overcome your presenting concerns in a timely manner.

What do your hours look like?

My current hours of operation are Monday from 10am to 6pm, Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 5pm (4pm will be my last available appointment for that day), closed Friday to Sunday & Holidays). This is subject to change based on waitlist and potential student/psychotherapist hires in the near future.

Are you covered by health insurance & do you Direct Bill them?

Psychotherapy is covered by most health insurance plans/companies. Before starting your journey on finding your Safe Place, we highly encourage all new clients to check-in with their plans to see if they cover "Psychotherapy", and if they do, to review what that coverage looks like to better determine number of sessions. 

Unfortunately, Psychotherapists in Ontario are not allowed to direct bill insurance companies. Hence why SPT will secure a credit card on file when booking your Initial Intake Session and send you an emailed receipt shortly after your session in which you will use for reimbursement. Should there be any issues regarding submission, please send a direct email to so we can better support you with this!

How long would I need to attend therapy to notice change?

This is a very common question! Therapy depends on the client's commitment and dedication to the process. Unfortunately, I am unable to create the change for them, however, I am able to promote motivation for that willingness to change. It's important to note that therapy is a Team effort where we work together to navigate through your concerns, apply necessary "homework" (nothing that feels like you're in school, of course), and evaluate progress from each session. 

Ultimately, clients already notice a glimpse of change within themselves just after the first session where they have unpacked and voiced their concerns openly; feeling more lighter than when they first walked in. Typically, we will assess and check-in with progress between 5-10 sessions all while celebrating your small-wins along the way!

What does your cancellation policy look like?

Clients are required to cancel their appointment 24-hours before their session time. Should you fail to do so by cancelling within the 24-hour time-frame, or simply not show up, then the cancellation policy will be applied which is the fee of your scheduled session.

Should I wish to, do I have the right as a client to discontinue or pause on therapy sessions?

Yes! All clients have the right to discontinue or pause on their therapeutic journey at any point of their process. You will always have a choice in and out of the space. Should this happen, we encourage to follow your request with a "Closing Session" in order to close/pause your journey for ethical purposes. Although, it will be very sad to see you go...just remember you'll always have a Safe Place here!

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