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Perinatal & Postpartum

Your pregnancy journey, the birth (traumatic or not), and the first year being a new mom or dad can be extremely difficult to manage! 

There are so many transitions, adjustments, and changes that no amount of research and books could prepare you for them and now probably feel as though everything is becoming too overwhelming to handle.

Did you know that these symptoms can show differently in men and women?

We aim to provide a Safe Place where we can understand some of your experiences, feelings/emotions, and learn to eventually adjust to your new lifestyle as a parent and come together as a team with your partner.

Are you experiencing these symptoms?


Feeling sad, worthless, hopeless, or guilty

Loss interest in hobbies, low energy or motivation, no eating or changes in appetite

Constantly worrying or feeling on edge

Difficulty concentrating or thinking, trouble with sleep or wanting to sleep more


Irritability, easily stressed, or aggressive behaviour

Withdrawing, insomnia, low energy, or poor concentration

Anger, alcohol or substance use, feelings of guilt or worthlessness

Panic attacks, headaches, or impulsiveness

Feel free to call and see how we can support you!

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