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How it all Works

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Book a Free Consult Call

Putting a friendly-face for your therapeutic journey is an extremely important first step!

A free 20-minute phone or video call will give us the chance to discuss your presenting concerns, what you're looking for in therapy, how we may best support you, an outline how SPT is structured regarding sessions, fees, cancellation policy, and if you have any additional questions you may have for me/us! 


Schedule an Intake Session

Feeling good after the consult call?

After the call, we will then schedule your intake session with us where we meet (in-person or virtually) for either 50- or 90-minutes to go through more information about yourself, family history, dive more in-depth of your presenting concerns, and highlight any goals you may have for therapy. This will give us time to thoroughly understand how we can work together.


Start Building your Safe Place

After the intake session, and learning more about you as a whole, I will meet you where you are at and work as a team to schedule future sessions to start building your Safe Place and reaching your goals! 

We do recommend schedule 3-4 sessions ahead to build rapport, however, should work/life schedules conflict with this recommendations then we schedule on a session-to-session basis to ensure consistency throughout the process.

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